Opponents and Bats Falter in LaCrescent

Amidst blue skies and purple lilacs, the St. Croix Base Ball Club travelled long to the city of LaCrescent for a day of base ball with our friends from Southeast Minnesota; The Rochester Roosters and LaCrescent Apple Jacks. Our picked nine for the day were this writer, “Basher” Cagley, “Twist” Foss, “Sugar” Sjogren, “Kid Liberty”, Mr. Lavigne, “Aces” Arpi, “Slow Trot” Tholkes and “Bear Trap” Foss.

The first match versus the Roosters was a successful one. Mr. Lavigne, a gentleman new to our club and a man of much height and strength, struck the ball with might and fielded his position with elegance and this seemed to inspire the men from Washington County to perform in a fine manner. When all was said and done, the St. Croix’s were victorious ten aces to three.

The second match was versus the Apple Jacks and included many well-placed daisy cutters and sky balls by our club. The weather was cool that day so the men legged their bases with ease eleven times, while the Apple Jacks had none.

“Slow Trot” hurled the sphere with accuracy and deception and is to be commended for his fine play. Tallies were kept by Mrs. Ohm, but the captain failed to recollect the number of aces recorded by each individual. What was etched into memory was the breaking of two St. Croix bats (one of which was owned by Mr. Cagley) by the young Mr. Foss on two separate occasions.

We enjoyed the fellowship of our opponents and look forward to an engagement with them later in the year in Rochester.

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