Captain’s Account of The Match

The St. Croix Base Ball Club took part in a match this beautiful Saturday afternoon against our adversary, The Northfield Silver Stars in the village of Columbia Heights. These men from the southern prairie are avid ballists and today was no exception.

The St. Croix’s attacked early with three tallies in the first frame, but were answered with two by the Silver Stars. The hurling of the sphere with prominence then took over for both clubs until the middle of the match when all seemed to change.

The Silver Stars in the middle frames then begun to strike the ball with accuracy and strength and soon thereafter, Northfield had tallied nine. It was not until the eight inning, when The St. Croix’s plated two. The final score of the match was Silver Stars nine, St. Croix’s five.

Aces tallied for the St. Croix’s were one each by Mr. Smith, Mr. Ebnet, Mr. Cagley, Mr. Stash and Mr. Pfundstein. Our club has graciously accepted a challenge in Northfield later in the year on our nation’s birthday.

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