St. Paul, MN

The captain’s official game account:

St. Croix’s and Baltics hold a fine exhibition of ball at Midway Stadium

The St. Croix Base Ball Club played on the grass of Midway Stadium for the first time on Monday, May 23rd. The St. Croix’s have played at Midway before, but both times the field was covered in snow and the temperatures hovered around zero degrees.

The St. Croix’s showed some fine hitting and base running, and at the end of their lineup Mr. Rich “Aces” Arpi provided the bases loaded triple that scored three for the St. Croix’s which gave them four aces in their inning. The Baltics had some strong hits right at the St. Croix fielders, but also placed a few where the St. Croix defense could not get to. The Baltics tallied three times in their inning, giving the St. Croix’s the victory for the exhibition.

The match was held before the St. Paul Saints and Fort Worth Cats match of the Northern League. The St. Croix’s and Baltic’s will meet again on August 7th at the Washington County Fair in Baytown Township.

The four aces that were tallied for the St. Croix’s were scored by Mr. Jurek, Mr. Robinson Jr., Mr. Peterson and Mr. Nelson.

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