St. Croix’s Victorious Again in Stearns County

Captain’s Account of the Match

The St. Croix Base Ball Club traveled to the village of Melrose on a sticky Sunday afternoon for a match against the local picked-nine. Those in attendance of our ball club were Misters Maurer, Pfundstein, Cagley, Sjogren, Ebnet, Arpi, Ernst, Tholkes and Nelson.

The match was played in a beautiful green meadow with some puddles and many gravestones as a cemetery was visible in the distance. The deceased, and those present and alive, were treated to some fine striking in the first two innings by the men from Washington County with four aces, while holding Melrose to two.

Like the doldrums of this summer day, both clubs’ bats became quiet and only Melrose could muster one more ace in their fourth. After which, both clubs were fleet of foot in their respective fields preventing their opponents from touching the home plate.

The ninth and final turn at the line for Melrose proved interesting. The first hand down recorded was that of a Melrose gentleman striking a sky ball where the man made his second and then found himself meandering off his base whereupon Mr. Tholkes, who was in possession of the ball, alertly tagged this man while he was off his base. The second and third hands down were soon recorded and The St. Croix’s found themselves victorious four to three.

Tallying for our club today were one ace each by Misters Maurer, Pfundstein, Ernst and Nelson.

Many spectators and a band were present during the match. We enjoyed the folks from Stearns County and hope to have another match there soon.



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