St. Croix’s defeated in close match with Osceola

The St. Croix Base Ball Club traveled across the high waters of the St. Croix River on August 13th to cross bats with the Osceola Onions.

The match was played with threatening skies, which unleashed it’s water during the second and third innings, which only affected the players with slippery bats and hard hit daisy-cutters – but the skies then retreated and a full nine inning match was completed.

The St. Croix’s won the toss of the coin and sent the Onions to bat first. The Onions, made up of some of the finest ballists in the area, quickly struck and tallied twice. The St. Croix’s answered in their half of the inning with one tally of their own.

The bats continued to work for the Onions as they tallied several more times in the next few innings with help from some miscues in the field from the St. Croix’s. Meanwhile the St. Croix bats turned quiet as the rains came and they could not send any of their strikers across home base.

In the fourth inning, the St. Croix’s exploded out of their hitting slump and tallied four times to bring the score to 6 to 5 in favor of the Osceola club. Osceola tallied another three aces in their fifth to make their total of nine aces for the match. The St. Croix’s tallied another four aces in their half of the fifth inning to tie the score at nine each.

The sixth inning saw the Osceola club tally seven runs and the St. Croix’s could not tally any in their sixth or seventh. In the eighth the St. Croix’s tallied one ace and in the ninth, the St. Croix’s had five strikers cross home base with another striker standing only 90 feet away as the tying ace.

Now the excitement was high pitched and the cranks on the side were nervous as Scott “Bear Trap” Foss approached to strike. Two hands were down and the pitch was made, Mr. Foss, who had already tallied one ace in the inning took a mighty swing and the ball traveled into the air and nestled into the hands of an Onion fielder – ending the exciting back and forth match with the score of Osceola 16 and the St. Croix’s 15.

For the St. Croix’s, Mr. Jurek tallied four times, Mr. Peterson tallied 3 times, both Mr. Nelson and Mr. Foss crossed the home base twice, and Mr. Pfundstein, Mr. Cagley, Mr. Ebnet and Kid Liberty tallied once.

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