St. Croix’s Defeat Afton in first match of the season

The St. Croix Base Ball Club defeated the Afton Red Socks at Pettit Park in Lake St. Croix Beach, Minnesota on Sunday May 19th by the score of 21 to 6.

The day was overcast and threatening rain. The two captains of the club met with the umpire for the day, Mr. T. Simonet, who had the St. Croix’s call the flip of the coin. With the win, the St. Croix captain allowed the Afton Club to strike first and the St. Croix’s took the field.

The Afton hitters took advantage of batting first and hit some long flys and daisy cutters to tally four times before three hands were down. The St. Croix’s had their turn in their first inning and with a mighty swing by Mr. Sjogren, the St. Croix’s had tied the match at four each.

The next inning each team failed to tally an ace. In the third inning the St. Croix’s managed two aces to take the lead six to four. Again no aces were tallied in the fourth inning and the St. Croix’s batted well in their fifth for four more aces to make the score ten to four.

In their sixth, the Red Socks tallied twice but not without a challenge by the St. Croix Captain. The second ace scored by the Afton Club was a close play at home base with the St. Croix behind, Mr. C. Nelson, arguing that he had tagged out Mr. R. Hanson of the Afton club. After some arguing between the umpire and the St. Croix captain, a young daguerreotypist in the crowd produced an image that showed the Afton player safe.

In the seventh inning the St. Croix batters produced eight aces with strong hitting and ginger around the bases. The next inning the St. Croix’s tallied another three aces to end the scoring of the match.

Although the score shows a clear victory for the St. Croix’s there is no one on that club that would claim an overwhelming victory against the tough Afton Club. There were some miscues and well placed hits that helped the St. Croix’s to this victory and look forward to another competitive match against the most gentlemanly club, the Afton Red Socks.

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