St. Croix BBC Defeats Afton BBC in Season Opener

The captain’s official game account:

The St. Croix Base Ball Club played the Afton Red Socks at Pettit Park in Lake St. Croix Beach on Saturday, May 2nd before an enthusiastic crowd.

Umpire Jody “Sidewinder” Ebnet called the two captains to home base where the toss of the stone was done to decide which club will strike first. The visiting captain of the St. Croix Club called the toss correctly and Captain Brent “Skinny” Peterson elected to have his club strike first.

The excitement of a new season brought out the best for the St. Croix strikers. Strong hitting in the first inning led to the St. Croixs scoring 6 aces and each man on the club had an at bat. The St. Croixs also proved worthy in the field with second baseman Patrick “Portsider” Pfundstein making two fine fielding plays for outs during the Afton half of the first inning. Afton was not able to tally a single ace during their at bats.

The St. Croixs continued the hard hitting in their second tallying another seven aces, while the Afton club struggled to find their hitting shoes and again were shutout in their half of the inning.

The visiting St. Croix Club would tally at least once in every inning and the Afton Club finally found their stride in the eighth and ninth innings when they tallied once in each inning.

Some of the fielding highlights for both clubs were when Ollie “Catfish” Wier made a leaping one handed catch at third base and then stepped on the base forcing another St. Croix base runner making two outs on one play. For the St. Croixs center fielder Marty “Squirrel” Jurek made some exciting running one handed put outs of the Afton strikers.

The hitting honors go to St. Croix player Leon “French Revolution” Lelign who crushed the ball several times sending the sphere over the fence and into the adjoining property. He also tallied five aces for the club. Dan “Basher” Cagley tallied five aces and Mr. Jurek and Adam “Meister” Smith tallied four times each.

The final score of the match was the St. Croix BBC 28 and the Afton BBC 2.

rockleadoffQuentin “Rock” Wittrock leads off the match for the St. Croix BBC

martyatsecondMarty “Squirrel” Jurek stands at Second base after a well struck ball.

sugartakesamightyswingErik “Sugar” Sjogren takes a mighty swing.

leftsideofinfieldMr. Wittrock plays at the third base as Dan “Basher” Cagley plays shortstop for the St. Croix BBC

libertypitching“Kid” Liberty pitching for the St. Croix nine.

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